Anne-Dominique Janecek, Founder & CEO



Anne-Dominique is a B.Sc graduate of the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne in Switzerland (EHL).

Anne-Dominique works hand-in-hand with Private and Public sectors; from Government to semi-Government entities, up to Luxury, Hospitality, Sports and Art industries.

Her expertise in the fields of Strategy, Marketing, Sponsoring, Communication, Public Relations, Business Development, Retail as well as Philanthropy ties in with a lot of companies and industries' facets and market compliance.

Having lived and connections in Switzerland, UAE, USA, Asia, India and on the African continent, Anne-Dominique feels very comfortable to travel and interact positively with any nationality and sector.

 Anne-Dominique is an entrepreneurial advisor and consultant

to international organisations in the field of

strategy, business development, marketing and communication.

Her key focus is on integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropy into the companies’ business strategy, processes and revenues.  

“ Revenue/Profit is not the only end goal but also a mean to have a positive impact

on Economies, Societies and/or Environment. ” 

Anne-Dominique Janecek

“ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is more than a reality

and a solid tool to boost processes, reputation and therefore revenue. ” 

Anne-Dominique Janecek

​AD Synergies offers added value on different scale levels depending on the company’s needs and goals. As mentioned, we are here to

focus on tangible business development and strategic collaboration ideas and initiatives.

We bring added value to boost processes+reputation therefore revenue.

Whether a Multinational, a big/medium/small private or public Company,

a Government or semi-Government entity or a Start-Up,

we adapt and advice according to the business’ vision and mission. 

We work hand in hand with companies to help them curate their processes and reputation thanks to the competitive advantage that innovative partnerships offer.

We support that a strong reputation + strong processes built on solid relationships will lead to greater reach, relevance and revenue for businesses. 

We specialise in:

strategy, business development, marketing, cross-marketing,

sponsorship opportunities, communication activities, public relations,

platform exchange and networking.

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

drive us to offer our clients innovative business solutions that tackle a

Social, Economic and/or Environment challenge.

We not only integrate the UN and UNF’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

but we also aim to help companies create bridges between these missions and their Philanthropic/CSR activities.

 Client: UAE Prime Minister Office 

Role: Advisor to Her Excellency Ohood Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing and to her Teams
Responsibilities: Help on the overall portfolio and agenda by identifying the strategic pillars and initiatives that will serve those objectives. Support in the strategic launch plan for the Happiness Journey. From defining the general concept (communication, messaging, partnership and data collection) to identifying the right activities as well as involving the right stakeholders and KOLs. Anne-Dominique played a catalyst role in opening-up synergies with other government and private entities advising on how to monitor and measure the initiatives’ impact within the UAE’s society.

Client: Chopard & Cie SA

Role: International PR and Event Management 
Responsibilities: She has worked with CHOPARD on their communication strategy, managing and monitoring various sponsoring, PR and Event activities such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscars, the White Tie and Tiara Ball, Mille Miglia, Grand Prix
and Grand Prix Historique in Monaco as well as various Collection Launch or Boutiques Openings. She also worked on their CSR program (partnership with the Elton John Aids Foundation EJAF and the Jose Carreras Leukaemia Foundation).

Client: Tenro AG Roger Federer and RF Foundation

Role: Roger Federer Management/Personal Assistant 
Responsibilities: She has also been closely involved in traveling worldwide and working with ROGER FEDERER and his RF Foundationin organizing
public and private events as well as coordinating international tennis championships, media and various sponsorship/philanthropic appearances. During her time with the Federer Team, Anne-Dominique managed family office aspects such as Admin and HR for the team.

Client:Dimexon Diamonds Ltd

Role: Marketing & Communication + Business Development

Responsibilities: Also related to her work in the watch and jewelry industry Anne-Dominique lived in Hong Kong and collaborated with DIMEXON a leading and trusted player in the diamond industry. She now works hand in hand with their Dubai, Antwerp and Mumbai offices on B2B (natural diamond) and B2C (bespoke service development). Together they also worked on their CSR and community development work to champion the Empowerment of Women, fully support environmental balance and promote societal well-being and industry beneficiation.

In her early career Anne-Dominique has worked for DANIEL BOULUD in New York and with SAPROCHI the Swiss food and pharmaceuticals importer on the management of their brands.